miercuri, 11 iunie 2014

"White dove, fly with the wind..."

Those long scented nights my fingers crave to entangle zephyr hushing through the velvet leaves and powdered lilac wine, weaving gilded whispers. The sea within me splashes through my blood like dazzling lava, embracing soul and cells with luscious oblivion. It carves my bones with copper ribbons, caressing and melting them into fairy dust. Foamy wings burst through the skin and the fire feeds them with a lust for wishful reverie. I believe in these devouring waves draping skin and soul in a moist veil of daydream and melancholy syrup. They pour shimmers of life and flame over my jaded spirit, enticing my wounds with sweet anesthesia and arousing a hunger for intoxicating heights. I want to bind my beliefs and desires with a sip of endlessness, watch them slip along my most treacherous fears, blossom in the spring of my autumn. I believe in my sea....

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